Bloggers often face a challenge in looking for avenues to reach to their target audience. In order for one to succeed as a blogger he/she needs to have first-hand knowledge of the ways to advertise the blog and get more readers. If you are a new blogger, you may face an uphill task trying to get the experienced bloggers even reading your post.

Social sites play a very big role in advertising you. This you do by posting a title or a sample of your blog. Interested readers will then click on the link and follow the blog. Below is a sample of the top social sites where you can try to get your friends:


Boasting of 900milion users worldwide, Facebook offers many integrated features which are important to bloggers. Facebook has an easy interface to use .Since it has a very large number of users, posting a sample of your blog post may make your post viral. A key feature of Facebook is that other people can re-post what you have already posted and hence it goes viral!


Twitter has been ranked the second social networking site worldwide. It is mainly used for professional networking and hence it is awesome to publish and put ads about your blog post. Posting an update is called tweeting and whatever you are posting is called a tweet. One advantage you get by using twitter is that it has a list of the most trending topics. Now this gives you a sense of direction as a blogger so that you know exactly what is transpiring around you


This social site was initially ranked the biggest social site in the USA before being overtaken by Facebook. Still as a blogger, you capitalize on such small things and joining such a site gives you a fairly good platform to interact with people and even get responses from them


This is a perfect social site for your professional or business blogs for that matter. It is so because it is business oriented in nature hence it is a good business tool for professional networking.


Digg gives you an opportunity to really explore your bogging capability if really you are ambitious. Specifically designed as a social news site, you get a chance to make your blog get a reasonable audience willing to redo posts on what you are doing.


Mezee Chat is also another good site offering a good arena for you to reach out to your friends. Like other sites, it is free to join and it features online chats and sharing of stuff. In addition to this, it gives you an easy way to meet and chat with people around you

The above mentioned are among the best of the social sites which can be a great way to start getting popular online. The best thing about all the above, is that they are so easily accessible even through the phone. This makes them a must have or be-in tool in order to establish and maintain contact with your audience.

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