Twitter is a powerful communicative tool to build your company’s presence online, as well as to brand its image to increase customer loyalty. Building that customer loyalty is the best quietly-hushed secret among Twitter marketers. I shall reveal the secret here so that you can also harness the branding power of Twitter for your company.

1) When you establish your Twitter account, choose a username that reflects your company’s image or include the name of your company into the username. Suppose you are a Realtor who sells Northern Virginia homes. You can use a generic term, such as Virginia Homes Realtor, or include a part of your company name, such as “BestBuyRealEstate.” Your Twitter username will appear on the face page of your Tweets, as well as part of your profile page. Twitter will ask you to write a description about yourself or your company. Here is where you can persuasively write a brief paragraph. You can also include an active hyperlink in your description that you can link to your website.

2) Do not follow hundreds or thousands of individuals who tweet every few minutes–unless you want to waste time. Following a large number of individuals who may share or not share similar interests  will not help with branding; it will, instead, create chaos and annoyance. Do follow individuals who show an interest about your company, as well as gurus and authoritative individuals who are leaders in your industry. You will learn a lot by reading their tweets.

3) Do not shy away from talking about industry news. If you have specialized knowledge or you know something that your followers do not know, share these details with your Twitter fans. You may just provide a gem of information that may solve an immediate problem that they have. Sometimes they’ll credit you–in a retweet or by tweeting the information to their followers. You will develop of strong, loyal following of fans if you share valuable industry news.

4) Track your Twitter status closely and analytically. Monitor your Twitter status in tweets that mention your Twitter username or company name. See who is tweeting about you and your company, and see if the tweets are positive or negative. You should address any negative tweets immediately and see if you can resolve the problem that is the source of the negativity. Always act proactively and in a positive state of mind. Twitter can also show you tweets from followers and other individuals who are speaking positively about your company. This will help you determine what your company is doing right to create such positive feedback.

5) Another powerful way that companies use Twitter is for online conference calls or online seminars. You can setup a Twitter account specifically for your online conference, and then ask attendees to follow you before you begin the conference. Suppose you are inviting home-seekers in your area to learn about new Manassas real estate. During the conference call, you or your employees can tweet about specific points in your presentation, as well as invite your followers to post tweets asking specific questions. At the end of the conference call, you will have a network of qualified followers who will continue to follow you. You can then post updates about future conferences or post a link to your website where they can find additional information.

Creating a strong image and customer loyalty are essential to growing and strengthening any company. Knowing some ways to help you build trusted followers will push you ahead of your competition.

About the author: Erik Huisman is an active blogger from New York. In a future post, he will list his top 10 favorite people to follow on Twitter to increase your business.

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